The In-Home Nerdy Art Show


Fri, Jun 26, 1:00 AM (UTC)


About this event

Many of us love the Artist Alley and how different artists bring our favourite fandoms to life and create amazing original work. This is an opportunity to show off your in-home gallery collection. What does your self-curated collection look like? What has drawn you to different artists and their work? Join fellow nerds, geeks and art aficionados in a online showcase of your home gallery. Meet fellow nerds and see each other’s favourite art pieces. Special Guest Artist Micaela Dawn will join us to chat about creating original work for the Artist Alley. 



Thursday, 25 June
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (MDT)


1:00 AMOpening Intro
1:15 AMGallery Showcase
2:00 AMAsk an Artist


  • Teigan Blondin

    Fan Meetups Ambassador

  • Morgan Sawchuk

    Fan Meetups Ambassador

  • Evan Craig

    Fan Meetup Ambassador

  • Jeff Clemens

    Fan Meetups Ambassador