Morgan Sawchuk

  • Calgary

About Me

Hello! I'm Morgan, I have always loved "geeky" and "nerdy" things. I have always loved video games, but I am more suited to games like animal crossing and star dew valley. I love reading, and I read everything, though a mystery is my favourite. I stayed for a year in China a few years ago, as an au pair and I still talk to the host family I had. I love traveling, so that's what I like to save my money towards. I once wrote a fantasy novel and self-published it, I do have things I want to do, like make a video game, make my own comic book, and few others. Some but not all of my fandoms: ~Harry Potter ~Supernatural ~Sherlock ~Orphan Black ~TVD ~Star Wars ~LOTR ~Animal Crossing ~Death Note ~BTS Also some of my hobbies: ~Drawing ~Painting ~Writing ~Making Jewelry ~Learning Languages (Currently Korean and Mandarin) ~Doing Events ~Playing Video Games So thats me!