Geeky Virtual Paint Night feat: LOTR

Fri, Jan 22, 6:00 PM (MST)

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About this event

Join Special Guest Glen Sergy and Fan Ambassador Teigan Blondin as you learn how to create amazing and geeky art in a supportive, step-by-step process.

Thank you to Glen for leading this event! If you’d like to learn more about him and support his work, you can do that here:

This is a virtual event. You will need a laptop, tablet, or a phone to join the meeting. You will also need to bring your own supplies.

Recommended Supplies for this event:

- 16" x 20" canvas

- A thumb-sized brush (#16), a pencil-sized brush (#4), and a fine tip brush

- Blue, red, black, yellow and white paint

- Paint palette or paper plate, water cup, paper towels, ruler and pencil

- Don't forget drinks and snacks!

These items can be purchased at any arts and crafts supply store. Many dollar stores also have a good selection of art supplies. For more advice on where and how to get art supplies, Glen has a how-to video here:

See you soon!


  • Glen Sergy

    Glen Sergy


    Glen Sergy is an artist and proud geek. He has both a design diploma as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design, but no one cares about that crap. What's really cool is that his first art business was sculpting rudely gesturing garden gnomes, which he sold at markets across Edmonton. He also designs and builds custom Warhammer tables for clients in the Edmonton region. When COVID put an...

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