Cosplay Photoshoot: Fantasy Genre


Sat, Aug 8, 5:00 PM (UTC)


About this event

Do you enjoy cosplaying as someone from your favourite fantasy book, movie, or game? Do you enjoy cosplay photography? Do you enjoy mountains? Come join our Cosplay Photoshoot in Banff National Park at Lower Bankhead! This former coal mining town situated just minutes from Banff features structures that can fit a variety of fantasy settings, like castles, ruins, and old mines! Whether you’re dressed as Thorin Oakenshield on his way to retake Erebor, Dovahkiin having a shouting match with dragons, or Toph Beifong teaching Aang about Earthbending, there will be a spot for you! We also need photographers at this event! Photographers will be given a link where they can upload their pictures after the photoshoot. The album will then be posted so all fans can see the fun that was had in the mountains. 

Now for the details:

  • Everyone is responsible for their own transportation to and from Lower Bankhead, including purchase of a National Park Pass. The parking lot is here:
  • Bring your own snacks and water. Stay hydrated!
  • Check in with our Fan Meetups Ambassador, Shawn, when you arrive. He will help coordinate various shoots between the photographers and cosplayers. He'll carry a small costume repair kit in case you need last minute repairs, and forget some supplies. If you stick around long enough, you may also see him suit up in a costume of his own for some shots amongst the ruins.
  • The theme for this event is fantasy characters. This is a massive genre, so we expect to see a wide variety of characters. In the future we will be sure to have other themes for photoshoots, such as Sci-Fi, Anime, and more.
  • Many fantasy characters carry weapons, and some costumes certainly feel incomplete without one. However, this event does occur in a public park, and we don't want to frighten anyone or cause a disturbance. If you choose to bring a prop weapon, ensure it abides by Fan Expo HQ's Props Policy, which can be viewed here: When you check in with Shawn, he'll also check your props. If you have things like Sokka's meteor sword made of sintra, or Merida's bow made of worbla, you'll be ok. If you decide to bring an arsenal of airsoft weapons, you'll be instructed to return them to your vehicle.
  • Let's keep this event free from COVID-19. If you are feeling unwell with any symptoms listed on the Government of Alberta's website (, please stay home! Physical distancing of at least 2m is required at this event. Alberta's public health orders for gatherings currently allow for outdoor gatherings of up to 50 people, therefore our event is capped at that number. Attendees are recommended to wear a facemask when not having their photos taken. And if your costume incorporates a mask, even better.
  • By attending this event, attendees give their permission for their pictures to be used by Fan Expo HQ.



Saturday, 8 August
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM (MDT)

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  • Teigan Blondin

    Fan Meetups Ambassador

  • Morgan Sawchuk

    Fan Meetups Ambassador

  • Evan Craig

    Fan Meetup Ambassador

  • Jeff Clemens

    Fan Meetups Ambassador