The Batman Movie Meet Up

Sunday, March 6, 2022, 2:00 – 7:00 AM UTC

The Riddler plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Batman and Commissioner Gordon in Gotham City. A new Batman has arrived and back on the silver screen. Connect with fell fans of the Dark Knight for the newest DC release! (Movie Tickets to be purchased directly with Cineplex) Come a bit early and take some photos with cosplayers dressed as your favourite DC character

About this event

Two years of stalking the streets as the Batman (Pattinson), striking fear into the hearts of criminals, has led Bruce Wayne deep into the shadows of Gotham City. With only a few trusted allies -Alfred Pennyworth (Serkis), Lt. James Gordon (Wright)-amongst the city’s corrupt network of officials and high-profile figures, the lone vigilante has established himself as the sole embodiment of vengeance amongst his fellow citizens. When a killer targets Gotham’s elite with a series of sadistic machinations, a trail of cryptic clues sends the World’s Greatest Detective on an investigation into the underworld, where he encounters such characters as Selina Kyle/aka Catwoman (Kravitz), Oswald Cobblepot/aka the Penguin (Farrell), Carmine Falcone (Turturro), and Edward Nashton/aka the Riddler (Dano). As the evidence begins to lead closer to home and the scale of the perpetrator’s plans becomes clear, Batman must forge new relationships, unmask the culprit, and bring justice to the abuse of power and corruption that has long plagued Gotham City.

Join fellow fans for a fun evening with the bats, the cats, the penguin and more! 

Please note that RSVPing for the event does not equal a ticket to the screening. A ticket MUST be purchased through Cineplex to attend the screening. The event is not sponsored or hosted by Cineplex theatres. Please be respectful of other attendees. 

Cosplayers are welcome to dress up. Keep up to date with all the updates and to join movie ticket coordination on the Facebook Event Page:

We will be watching the 8:00pm showing at Cineplex metropolis in Burnaby. Please purchase your tickets with Cineplex



Sunday, March 6, 2022
2:00 AM – 7:00 AM UTC

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2:00 AMCosplay meet up and photos
4:00 AMMovie start time


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