Second Look! Justice League: Rewatch the #WHEADONCUT

Saturday, September 19, 2020, 3:00 – 4:30 AM UTC

Episode 2 of Second Look! Join us and a group of Vancouver Cosplay Community Members as we delve into the deconstruction (and sometimes mockery) of the theatrical release of Justice League a.k.a. The Wheadon Cut.

About this event

Discussions, jokes and revelry about GEEK-CENTRIC films.

During the 2nd episode of Second Look! live video chat, we will attempt to unscramble plots, answer questions such as: “why was this movie made?” “who was it made for?” and if "Justice League" the theatrical cut a.k.a. The Wheadon Cut deserves a "second look" from the geek community.

We have scaled back to two guest Co-hosts (instead of 4 from our first episode) to allow time for more interactivity with our video attendees. After discussing the film, reviews (bad and good) will be read and community attendees will have an opportunity to join in and offer their own thoughts about this infamous flick.


  • Alecia Chreptyk

    Fan Meetups Ambassador

  • Felice De La Pena


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  • Erik Hilmer


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  • PJ Hermann


    Virtual Producer / Event Host and Moderator

  • Danny Underwood


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  • Usha H

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  • Vancouver Girl


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  • Arthur Kaz


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