My Alien Species Could Beat Your Alien Species! (A Fun Group Debate Game)

Sat, Sep 19, 2020, 6:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

Ever wanted to create your own alien species and pit it against another? Now you can!

Join us for a fun group debate, where attendee will be split into one of two groups, each tasked with creating their own weird and wonderful alien species (as well as the planets on which they live). The groups will then be tasked with pitting their aliens against each other in the form of a fun debate. You'll get to argue why your species is superior and the other is hopelessly flawed!

The structure will take the form of three rounds, called 'offensives.' The first offensive will have one species invade the opposing species' homeworld, with the latter group taking the defensive. The next round, the roles will be switched, with the former defenders attacking the others' homeworld. For the final round, both species will fight each other on a brand new planet of the host's creation.

The species to win two out of three rounds will be declared the winner!

Your host, Michael, will decide the winners based on equal parts plausibility and creativity.


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