Virtual Christmas Craft Night Round 2

Dec 12, 2020, 2:00 – 3:00 AM

Get together online and learn how to make a Christmas Gnome decoration for your home.

About this event

Bring your friends and let’s get together to make this adorable little craft that you can keep as a decoration or give away as a present.

Things you will need for your Christmas Gnome:

Piece of fleece about 2 feet by 2 feet which you can get from Fabricland, Dollarama, or Walmart. If you can’t find fabric, I recommend a blanket for about $10 from Walmart or $4 from Dollarama, or a knee-high Christmas sock from Ardene or Dollarama cut length-wise for the hat.

A plain old sock to hold rice for inside the body.

Fuzzy socks from Dollarama or Dollar Tree for the body.

Stuffing for the body. You can get this from Michael’s.

Faux fur fabric from Fabricland for the beard.

Wooden bead for the nose from Michael’s.

Rubber bands.



Hot glue gun can be found at Dollarama and hot glue sticks

We will start the virtual craft night with a step by step guide of what we will be doing and then we will get right into making your Christmas Gnome. 


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