DIY Easter Bunny Plant Pots Craft Night

Mar 27, 2021, 9:00 – 10:00 PM

It’s all-ages craft night once again! Join Lauralee as she dives deep into a clay pot and pulls a bunny out of her hat with these ultra-cute Easter Bunny DIY pots.

About this event

Join in the Easter craft fun as Lauralee walks you through these adorable, all ages, Clay Pot Easter Bunnies. 

What you will need:

D-2 small clay pots at least 4”-6” diameter at the top. 

M-Black felt

M-Pink felt

M-White felt

D/M-2”-3” pom pom for the body

D/M-Tiny pom pom the size of your pinky finger for the tail

D/M-2-3 fake carrots per pot AND/OR greenery and 3-4 mini fake Easter eggs per pot

D-Hot glue gun

D-Hot glue



M-Michaels *items here will be more expensive

D-Dollarama *items here will be less than $4 each


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