Kirby at War: Watch Party and Discussion

Monday, February 22, 2021, 1:30 – 3:00 AM UTC

Jack Kirby was the King of comics! Join us as we watch this documentary celebrating his life with a discussion to follow.

About this event

Jack Kirby left us 27 years ago but is still the king of comics.  He helped create some of the most iconic characters for Marvel and DC, but who was the man behind the page?  Join us as we watch* the striking documentary "Kirby at War" and then discuss the contributions the great made.  Whether you are familiar with his work or just love characters like Captain America, the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Black Panther, Darkseid, Mister Miracle, Kamandi, the Demon and countless others you will learn about and have a whole new appreciation for the King!

*This is an Amazon Prime watch party via Twitch.  You must have a Prime Video account to watch the film.


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