Indie Comic Submission & Publication with Bradley Golden & Marcus Roberts of Second Sight Publishing

Sunday, August 30, 2020, 8:00 – 9:00 PM UTC

Ever wonder what it takes to get a comic made? Join us as we welcome Bradley Golden and Marcus Roberts of Second Sight Publishing to talk about the journey a comic goes through both creatively and physically.

About this event

In today's world there are so many great stories being told.  Comics is an ever more popular medium for people to get their voices out there, but what does it take to get your story out in the world?

Second Sight Publishing is an independent publisher that is the home to horror, heroes, sc i-fi and more!  They produce a wide array of books that people love no matter what you're interest. Zombies? Check. Space Operas? Check. Freedom fighters? Check! Founder, CEO and President of Second Sight, Bradley Golden, joins us to tell his story about the rise of a new publisher and offer some pointers on how to tell your story.  Bradley is a GLYPH nominated writer for his work on Leave on the Light. Having expertise as a writer and publisher his insight is invaluable.

Also joining us is the Publishing Manager and Submissions Editor, Marcus Roberts.  Marcus has been an editor and contributor for "", "" and ICC Magazine.  Marcus is a two time GLYPH nominated creator with his work on The Protector in 2019 and Hedge Hollow in 2020.  He will help guide you through the submissions process and how to stand out to companies!


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