Growing Up Geek: Why fandoms are important for kids!

About this event

Whether it is comic books teaching kids to read at an earlier age, learning life skills from cosplay or teamwork from video games there is no limit to the potential fandoms can bring kids. In this special session our host sits down with award winning educators and experts to talk about the benefits of all these things. We will also be discussing how to get your kid involved in all the various genres and what you can do as a parent, guardian, or cool aunt/uncle!

Sharing our passions with the next generation will guarantee their success and our legacies.

Leslie Ortiz - Educator of the year, Zachry Middle School, cosplayer
Danny Gambero - Graphic Design Instructor, Keller I.S.D., film expert

Hosted by:

Lance Stanford - Chairperson for South Plains Community Action Association/Head Start of West Texas, podcaster


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