Book Collectors Showcase

Greater DFW Region

Fri, Jun 26, 2:00 AM (UTC)


About this event

Show us your books! Join us to talk about your favorite titles.  Here we will discuss any and all types of literature.  The only rule is YOU have to love the story!  Presenters will be chosen at random to talk about their favorite tales. This will be the place you learn about your next favorite thing.

Scary stories, superheroes, science fiction, silly scenes, whatever it is you're into we want to know.  If selected (and you want to share, if you don't you can just say pass and we will move to the next person) take a few minutes to tell us what makes this story so special to you and why people should check it out.  If someone's story sounds cool check it out and tell us what you thought about it.

Just to make it fair, I'll go first.

My name is Lance and I think you should check out Batman: Ego by Darwyn Cooke.  Originally published in August of 2000 this modern masterpiece has been in print almost non-stop since then.  Written and illustrated by the late Darwyn Cooke, Ego tells the story of one of Bruce Wayne's greatest struggles, "Why is he Batman?"  After a long and particularly brutal night of crime fighting Bruce has a crisis of faith back at the Batcave.  It comes to a head when he sees a giant ghostly Batman appear before him.  The two have a long talk discussing how they got to this point and what it will take to move forward.  Ultimately, both Bat and Bruce give up a little of themselves to make Gotham a better place.

I love, Love, LOVE this book!  It shows the conflict that Batman has with maintaining Gotham's safety at the price of his own sanity.  The back and forth between the two main characters is fluid and Cooke brings them to life with a simple brilliance that is rarely found in any medium.  Seeing someone try to rationalize uber-violence night after night and defining where the line he won't cross stands is riveting.  To me this is a must read for anyone who likes Batman.

It's that simple.  Show up, tell about your favorite book, listen to others and enjoy!  We can't wait for all of you to show us your books!



Thursday, 25 June
9:00 PM - 10:30 PM (CDT)


2:00 AMWelcome and Introduction
2:15 AMBook Selection
3:15 AMRecap


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