The Great Superhero Bake Off

September 30, 2020 at 11:00 PM UTC – October 1, 2020 at 12:30 AM UTC

Time to Be the Superheroes of Baking and show us what you can make with Superheroes in you're baking!

About this event

Alright Nerds we are getting closer to "stay inside and Bake" season, its time to show off you're creative baking chops by making something that incorporates Superheroes into the Visual Design of your baked goods! Be they on the items being made, or its shaped like something that relates to the theme - be as creative as you want! 

Take Pictures or Even a Video and submit it to the Below Emails by no later than 9/28/20 12:01 AM EST. On 9/30/20 we will host a Zoom Event where we showcase the finalists along with several judges to make a final determination of who we think the best submission is. The Winner will receive an awesome Fan Expo Prize Pack! Do YOU have what it takes to win the Boston's next GREAT SUPERHERO BAKE OFF?


*Please include Great Super Hero Bakeoff in the Subject Line*


  • Nabil Khan

    Ravenswood Comics

    FAN MEETUPS Ambassador

  • Stacy Morris

    FAN MEETUPS Ambassador