MCU Watch Club #2: WandaVision & Falcon Winter Soldier

Saturday, February 27, 2021, 12:00 – 1:00 AM UTC

Let's Keep the Excitement Up for all the MCU we are blessed with in 2021 with chatting it up about What's happening in Westview since last we spoke and what might Madripoor!

About this event

The Second in our ongoing Discussions about everything current and forthcoming in the MCU with a Focus on WandaVision and Falcon Winter Soldier this Month. Didn't come to the First Watch Club Event? No Problem! This is the type of thing that anyone can get together with without Attendance for every event being required. Come when you want to and Can and keep living life when you Can't! we'll be Here chatting Either Way, See ya there!


  • Nabil Khan

    Ravenswood Comics

    FAN MEETUPS Ambassador

  • Stacy Morris

    FAN MEETUPS Ambassador