Virtual Travel Guide: Hyrule

Since we can't travel IRL, we've put together a virtual getaway to a destination you can visit from your own couch: Hyrule! 

Looking for an adventurous, open-ended getaway this summer? Hyrule is full of countless regions to explore—from towering mountains to spooky forests.

Travel: To get the full experience, we recommend traveling on foot, horseback, and via glider when you can! Camping your way through the backcountry may be roughing it, but when you wake up to a beautiful sunrise over a pristine lake, you won’t miss the extra accommodations.

Food: Hyrule cuisine is all about taking locally sourced natural ingredients (mushrooms, apples, game) and cooking them over the campfire. Delicious! Just keep an eye out for “dubious food,” unless you have a stomach of steel!