The 90's: An Awesome Decade of Cartoons

In the 90’s, TV was at its peak in every genre; and animated series were no exception.

The cartoons created in this decade will always be iconic and their theme songs will never be forgotten! To this day, these animated series are still cherished by Fandom lovers around the world. 

ReBoot, X-Men, The Adventures of Tintin and Captain Planet are just a few cartoons aired in the 90’s that theme songs are undoubtedly recognizable and when heard, instant memories of childhood begin. What is your favourite 90’s cartoon?

Is the theme song permanently stamped in your memory? It is so etched in your brain that you could name it from the shortest clip? If you answered YES, then Forever A 90’s Kid! Guess That Cartoon Theme Song Meetup is for you!

We will put your memory to the test, discuss your experiences of these classic TV shows while we reminisce about the great decade of the 90’s.

RSVP HERE to join us on Friday June 26th at 5:30pm!