TEAM PICKS: Board Games

Here at the FAN EXPO HQ, our team is always nerding out over the world of fandom. This month, we’ve been discussing board games since all this time at home has given us more time to play! Whether you’re rolling dice and placing tiles IRL, or whether you’ve embraced an online game, it’s a chance to do something fun and competitive. Wanting to add something new to your board game collection, or finally revisit an old classic?

​Now’s the perfect time, here are our picks for the month:


Name: Caroline

Role: Social Media Coordinator

What you’re playing: Does Scrabble count? (EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes it does!) It’s a classic in my family — we all grew up playing together and I still love it. I've also been learning how to play Chess! I’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t had the free time until now.

The Game of Life

Name: Marcus

Role: Social Media Coordinator

What you’re playing: I’ve been playing a lot of The Game of Life. It’s a great game to be playing at this point in time because it takes me out of the current situation. I also love that it lets me dream of what life could look like right now.

Zombie Dice

Name: Jabbari

Role: Copywriter

What you’re playing: I’ve been playing Zombie Dice—it’s this party dice game where the player who eats the most brains wins. For fewer players, I’m also into Love Letter. You try to guess who has a Princess card and then deliver a love letter to them before the other “suitors” do. They’re very different games but equally really fun.

King of Tokyo

Name: Quinn

Role: Social Media Coordinator

What you’re playing: I’ve been playing a lot of King of Tokyo. You’re a big monster trying to claim territory while you earn points, gain power-ups, and battle the other players (who are also big monsters). The basic rules are pretty easy to pick-up, but the variety of card effects and playstyles make every game a little different.

Lorenzo il Magnifico

Name: Alexandra

Role: Marketing Manager

What you’re playing: Lorenzo il Magnifico! This is a highly entertaining strategy game for anyone who has a little Machiavelli in them. In this game, you work to acquire resources and gain influence in Renaissance Italy -- palazzo not included. I love it because this is one of the historical periods that interests me most. It's exciting to be industrious and do things like commission architecture, leverage allegiances with the Medici family, gain military influence and of course, all the while, keeping the papacy on your side.

Lorenzo Il Magnifico is definitely a fun alternative to Netflix -- I like to make a night of it with some pasta and wine. Cin, cin!

Funny Bones

Name: Ashley

Role: Customer Service Coordinator

What you’re playing: I have been playing a lot of Scrabble and Ticket to Ride online! But once social distancing ends (or if you have a fair amount of people in your house), I would highly recommend playing Funny Bones. It’s similar to Twister, except there is no mat. Instead you use a deck of cards. Each card has two body parts listed, one of the body parts is your own and the other is your partner’s. For example, you might need to put your elbow to your partner’s shoulder or head and somehow keep the card in between you both without dropping it. The goal is to do as many cards at once as you can, without dropping any of the cards. I typically end up in tears from laughter after dropping all of the cards.


Name: Laura

Role: Customer Service Manager

What you’re playing: When we’re together, my family likes to play Dominoes, thanks to my Cuban husband who introduced us to the game. But since we are apart and we can’t slam those tiles on the table or taunt each other, we have switched to online Pictionary. My drawing skills are poor on the best of days, so drawing with a computer mouse is highly entertaining for all parties!

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