Supernautral: Vote for the Happiest Episode!

First and Foremost thank you for joining us in one of our inaugural Fan Meetup events. Although the event is digital, we hope host more events like these in person soon. 

I'm Nabil, one of your Boston Fan Meetups Ambassadors. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns for this event or any of the others in our Supernatural Series. I know there isn't a lot of time before the event, and I was searching deep within the Men of Letters Bunker to determine what constitutes a "Happy Episode" in a world where Darkness, Despair, and Pain reign supreme. It was a challenge, but I've come up with the list below.

I want to hear from you -- VOTE for the "Happy Episode" of choice by posting your choice in the comments below. We'll tally those up at the end of the week. Be sure to submit your comments before 2:00 PM (Eastern Time) on Friday. 

If there's good reception, we'll have follow up events in the same category! Thanks and can't wait to see you all on Sunday!

1. Route 666 (S1E13)

2. Provenance (S1E19)

3. Tall Tales (S2E15)

4. Heart (S2E17)

5. Lazarus Rising (S4E1)

6. Monster Movie (S4E5)

7. Yellow Fever (S4E6)

8. Changing Channels (S5E8)

9. The Real Ghostbusters (S5E9)

10. Dark Side of the Moon (S5E16)

11. Weekend at Bobby's (S6E4)

12. Clap your hands if believe (S6E9)

13. The French Mistake (S6E15)

14. Frontier land (S6E18)

15. Season Seven, Time for a wedding! (S7E8)

16. Death's Door  (S7E10)

17. Party on Garth (S7E18)

18. Torn and Frayed (S8E10)

19. Larp and the Real Girl (S8E11)

20. Slumber Party (S9E4)

21. Bad Boys (S9E7)

22. Fan Fiction (S10E5)

23. Baby (S11E4)

24. Just my imagination (S11E8)

25. Don't Call me Shurley (S11E20)

26. Alpha and Omega (S11E23)

27. Scoobynatural (S13E16)

28. Mint Condition (S14E4)

29. Byzantium (S14E8)

30. Lebanon (S14E13)