Lauralee Thompson

  • Lloydminster
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About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to my bio! I guess the first thing you should know about me is that I'm a bright shiny unicorn. I bring the party to life and in full color too. Currently I have 8 colors in my hair and I'm working on a new tattoo back piece that's got all kinds of fandom involved. There's Darth Vader riding a unicorn, Mario on a Chocobo, Cloud Strife and Princess Peach. All standing in a field of rainbows and flowers with the Enterprise, Millenium Falcon, Astroship XB982 otherwise known as Alex from Valerian and the CIty of a Thousand Planets. There's tie fighters and x-wings in space fighting too. Underneath all that is a river, across that river is a hobbit hole and Falcor resting on the edge of a cliff. It's pretty crazy right now lol. Things I love to do are disc golfing, playing Dungeons and Dragons and building things with wood. I mainly make furniture, but have my Journeyman Roofer ticket and am a second year carpenter. Currently I'm in school upgrading so I can get into Civil Engineering. I am an English tutor at Lakeland College and volunteer at the local gaming store on Sundays. I foster pregnant cats for the local SPCA and have had two litters in the past year. My favorite movies are Star Wars and Valerian. My favorite music is anything that makes me want to dance. I have been taking dance classes from the time I was five years old. I love anything with a unicorn on it and might be obsessed with collecting dice. I have 1326 dice now. I'm also a secret play tester for a major gaming/tv brand that I'm not allowed to say who it is or what the project is, so that's pretty cool right!? Super excited to be part of the team. Let's make magic happen!