Shawn Trainor

  • Calgary
Star Wars · Snowboarding · Martial Arts · Costuming · cosplay · Achievement Hunter · sci-fi · education · Hiking · Board Games · Food · LOTR · gaming · Disney · Adventure · Parenthood

About Me

I’m Shawn, and I’m a big geek. I love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, video games, and lots of other epic stuff. I’ve been costuming for about 20 years, since before the term “Cosplay” existed. I’ve been a member of several Star Wars costuming clubs (501st Legion, Rebel Legion, and Mandalorian Mercs) and have commanded local units of all three at one time or another. I’ve also been heavily involved in costume approvals for the groups, and helping prospective members finish their costumes and join the clubs. My costuming skills include leatherwork, heat-forming thermoplastics, moulding and casting, painting, and some sewing. I’ve won several awards up to and including master level at costume contests at various conventions, and have even judged a couple contests too. My favourite thing to do with my costumes though, is to go in the mountains for photo shoots with friends. I also enjoy snowboarding, gaming, martial arts, hiking, and painting along to Bob Ross.